2.3gb Rewritable

5.25" 2.3gb Rewritable MO Disks

The 2.3gb r/w magneto optical disc is the most popular capacity among medical imaging applications - MRI, CT, Radiology, etc. Techware has Sony and Philips branded 2.3gb disks in stock (and others as well - Verbatim, GE, Maxell). Other dealers claim to have inventory, but Techware actually has the product to ship to you today. Buy from the best, buy from Techwarestore.com

We also have smaller quantities of brands other than Sony – GE, Verbatim, Pinnacle Micro, Maxoptix, Digital and Medical Grade

Note from December 27th, 2016 - Stock is very limited right now, but we do have product in stock to fill your orders. Call Ryan if you want to check stock – 952-944-0083 x-18

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