JVC Taiyo Yuden White Thermal DVD-R

Taiyo Yuden

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Product Overview

JVC Taiyo Yuden White Everest Thermal DVD-R 4.7GB, 16X - 100 pack.  These JVC TY DVD-R feature a surface specially designed for thermal printing.  They are the perfect solution for acheiving the highest quality print from Rimage Everest and TEAC P-55 thermal printers.

  • 8x
  • 4.7GB
  • Hub Printable
  • Thermal Printing Surface
  • Lowest Error Rates

These are the exact same discs as utilized in the Rimage Everest media kits. 

When you want professional results you need professional media.

Warranty Information

Brand: JVC Taiyo Yuden

Format: DVD-R

Print Type:Thermal

Color: White

Print Area: Hub Printable


Speed: 16X

Capacity: 4.7 GB

Quantity: 100


(No reviews yet) Write a Review